Ima Asa Yoru & Ima Pantry

Ima Pantry and Ima Asa Yoru, co-owned by Asako and James, are two unique spaces located in the heart of Nightingale Village.

Asako’s interior design skills and James’ menu creations have combined to form a Japanese inspired experience like no other. The spaces are adorned with cat ornaments and locally designed smiling vegetable paintings by Kat Chadwick. Their commitment to sustainability and community has made them a perfect fit for Nightingale Village.

Hansen’s planning team provided guidance and assistance to Ima to navigate the planning system, allowing the co-owners to focus on what they do best – design and food.

Now with both venues obtaining liquor licenses and a newly painted mural, we can’t wait to explore their unique menu and purchase a range of Japanese groceries very soon!

Project Team

Hansen Partnership