Gelliondale Wind Farm

Our Landscape Architecture has assisted Synergy Wind in the development of Gelliondale Windfarm. Currently in the finalisation process for its application for a planning permit, this renewable energy facility will be located in the Gelliondale district of South-East Victoria.

Spanning 1,500 hectares of cleared agricultural space, the wind farm will feature a maximum of 13 Wind Turbines. It is estimated to generate approximately 300,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy annually, enough to power around 37,000 homes. Moreover, the wind farm is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by about 320,000 tonnes per year for the next 35 years.

Our Landscape Architecture team is immensely grateful for the chance to participate in a project that serves two important purposes: advancing renewable energy in Victoria and creating substantial benefits for both our environment and the community.