Windsor Siding, Windsor

Windsor Siding was a park in need of a facelift and restructure. From a physical perspective, the park was rundown with many of its facilities in need of repair or replacement. The spatial arrangement of the park and elements within it were conducive to anti-social behaviour resulting in community safety concerns. Despite the poor physical condition of the park and inherent safety concerns, Windsor Siding enjoys a high level of usage by the local community as it provides open space in a relatively densely developed inner suburb.

In 2014, Hansen was engaged by the City of Stonnington to change the perception of how users care for the space and instil a sense of pride and community ownership of the park. Hansen undertook extensive community consultation and produced a masterplan that considered current and future uses of the park balanced with the financial budgets allocated for capital works over time. This included the staging of works to allow the project to progress according to priority, time and budgetary constraints.

The masterplan was endorsed in 2015 with Hansen engaged to prepare detailed design and tender documentation for the proceeding stages of development. The key design features of Stage 1 addressed connections, legibility, improved functionality, sight lines and perceived safety. Upgrades included a new BMX track, a wide central axis path and lighting, increased usable grass area and seating. Stage 1 was completed in 2016.

Stage 2 works were completed in 2017, with the introduction of an eye-catching custom-designed picnic shelter, feature seat walls and picnic facilities, additional footpath connections and expanded garden bed areas.

Documentation of Stage 3 commenced in 2018.