St Albans Housing

This project provides a replicable model for affordable housing delivery within a suburban metropolitan context. The project was commissioned by Housing Choices Australia, who engaged NMBW architects to work with the Monash University Art Design and Architecture (MADA) team to design an apartment building for those with assisted living needs.

The building is an honest four (4) storey form, sculpted and arranged in compliance with the applicable planning framework including ResCode. The materials and design provide dignified accommodation for a resident cohort who spend much of their time at home. External areas emphasise planting and gardening at a variety of scales to help foster a sense of community.

The project was recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), receiving an award for Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing in 2022 In recognising the project, the AIA jury citation notes:

“Designed and built as an experimental precedent for a suburban mid-rise housing typology, St Albans Housing exemplified generosity and robustness, and offers a repeatable model for equitable, flexible housing.”


Award for Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing