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AILA  Climate Declaration

PIA Climate Emergency


Hansen Partnership has a long and respected history of innovation in the use of planning and design to improve environmental outcomes. Through our practice, our projects and our people we have consistently demonstrated a commitment and responsibility to the built and natural environment.

Through sharing insights into our projects and evolving practice related to climate change we hope to galvanize ourselves and our industry to do more and better.

Our past work with the Municipal Association of Victoria a decade ago underpins the Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) policies found in many planning schemes today. But as a company we recognise and acknowledge that the game has changed, and the impetus and importance of delivering better outcomes has dramatically escalated in the face of a growing climate crisis. New scientific evidence consistently reinforces this.

The built environment in which we work has a critical role to play in both mitigation and adaption for climate change – thoughtful and innovative planning and design are essential. As a multidisciplinary practice, while we recognise the challenges we face, we are also excited by the opportunities that are present when creative design is matched to a robust evidence base and appropriate controls.

AILA has declared a climate and biodiversity emergency and our landscape architects are responding to this in their professional practice. Our urban designers and strategic planners have long recognised the vital role sustainable outcomes play in ‘good’ design. And Hansen’s development approvals team continues to work with some of Victoria’s best architects in delivering developments which push boundaries to drive the necessary change to the status quo.

We look forward to sharing with you over the coming months:

  • Insights into to the role we’ve been playing in building climate resilience through our international work;
  • Projects we have been working on recently that will make a real difference in responding to climate change – from Nightingale Village to the City of Melbourne’s green infrastructure planning controls to structure planning considering sea level rise;
  • Some of the changes (and existing practices) that we implement internally to make sure we are doing our bit;
  • Insights our professional team can offer in how some of the challenges facing our professions can not only be met but can be leveraged to deliver improved outcomes more broadly.

We will share these insights with you through all our digital channels, and a collection of this and further project details will be available on our website.


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